Andrew Reynolds Baker OG Baker

andrew reynolds

og baker

Brand: Baker
Size: 7,56″ x 31,83″
Year: 2001
Artist: Jay Strickland

Andrew Reynolds co-created Baker Skateboards in 2001 with Jay Strickland, after leaving Birdhouse. This deck is the first pro model for his new brand. The OG Baker also came out in white, green and wood stain background color. The elephant logo was drawn by Jay Strickland and first appeared on the cover of the Baker Bootleg video realeased in 1998. The artist explained in an interview for Jenkem that the Baker font was Impact but he “hand traced it with a sharpie”. We can see the “PD” logo on the nose truck spot, which means Piss Drunx. It was a skate crew that Reynolds was part of with Ali Boulala, Elissa Steamer or Dustin Dollin, to name a few. A red color background of this deck was featured in the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 video game, as part of the Create-a-skater mode, but never was released in real life.