Bam Margera Element Him I Reissue

bam margera

him i reissue

Brand: Element
Size: 8.5″ x 32″
Year: 2019
Artist: Unknown

This deck is a reissue of the famous Him I model released in 2001. The 2019 version has minor changes from the original board graphic on both bottom and top grahics. At the bottom, the white logo on the black part, the heartagram, is a bit thicker. The Bam written logo is a slighty bigger. Finally, the purple horizon and birds are darker in the background and we can see the wood stain on this version. The top side has the Element and Bam written logos with birds flying while the original only had the branding iron element logo. Like the original version that was very popular, the reissue sold out pretty quickly when it came out.