Bam Margera Element Him 2 Silver Edition

bam margera

him ii (silver edition)

Brand: Element
Size: 8″ x 31.15″
Year: 2002
Artist: Todd Francis

This deck is the silver-black-grey edition of the original Him II board graphic which is pink-violet-grey. It was released in 2002 and it’s a follow-up of the Him I deck. The overall design is the same but the Heartagram and Bam logos feel drawn by hand with some relief. The grey background has a pattern with what looks like a flowerpot with the Element logo on it. The Him II and other board models became really famous, especially by non-skaters, thanks to Bam starring in Jackass and Viva La Bam shows and Tony Hawk video games. Element founder Johnny Schillereff, said in The Nine Club Episode 70 that the brand was selling 40,000 Bam decks every month at one point. This deck got its name from the finnish rock band Him. The grey logo on the black part is the band logo, the heartagram. The font used for “Bam” is also inspired by the band written logo.

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