Bam Margera Element Plunger

bam margera


Brand: Element
Size: 7.9″ x 31.15″
Year: 2003
Artist: Todd Francis

This deck is a drawing of the CKY3 video cover produced by Bam Margera. The actual scene involving Bam waking up his father Phil with a plunger can be seen in the show Jackass, Season 2 Episode 1. The artist Todd Francis talked about Bam and this board graphic in an interview for the X Games, he said: “The funny thing to me was the graphics were for the most part really goth and serious and all that, despite his personality being all about having fun and being funny. I think I did one graphic for him in all that time that was actually funny, and it was just a drawing of him hitting his dad in the head with a plunger”. The deck got reissued in 2017 with nine other Bam boards. It was part of the 25th anniversary of Element.

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