Bam Margera Element Vote Bam 2008

bam margera

vote bam 2008

Brand: Element
Size: 7.75″ x 31.25″
Year: 2008
Artist: Unknown

This deck is the updated version of the Vote Bam 2000 and was released in 2008. It has the same design and it is inspired from the 2008 United States presidential election. We can see the slogan around Bam’s face: “Bam For President, Bampaign 2008”. Another slogan can be seen of the golden stripe: “Give A Damn, Vote Bam!”. In addition to Bam’s face that was changed to be more recent, a few changes can be noticed. The big “Vote Bam!” slogan at the center isn’t outlined and has an exclamation point this time, the gold color is also brighter. Finally, the Element logo at the bottom of the deck is a little bigger in this 2008 version. In 2020, Element released the Give A Damn! Vote Bam! 2021 deck through Bam Margera’s website but it didn’t follow the same design.

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