Bam Margera Element Welcome To The Family

Bam Margera

Welcome To The Family

Brand: Element
Size: 8,25″ x 32,25″
Year: 2017
Artist: Unknown

This board model here is a reissue released in 2017 for the Element 25 year anniversary. The original version came out in 2000, it was Bam Margera’s first deck model for the brand after he quit Toy Machine where he turned pro with in 1997. On the bottom graphics, we have a big Element logo and “bam. welcome to the family.” written over a blue picture. That picture is the cover of the CKY2K movie, produced by Bam Margera, and features Rake Yohn on it. At the bottom of the deck, we can read the small note: “CKY2K limited family edition”. On the top graphics, we have the Element and Bam logos designed for Bam’s Him 3 deck model, that first came out in 2003. Below that we can read: “Bam Margera/25 years of Element archive/Limited edition”. This 2017 edition was released with nine other Bam decks to mark the 25th anniversary of Element Skateboards, the brand created by Johnny Schillereff.