Chico Brenes Chocolate City 2014

chico brenes

2014 city

Brand: Chocolate
Size: 8″ x 31.625″
Year: 2014
Artist: Evan Hecox

The deck is part of the eleven piece 2014 City series released in august 2014, that commemorates the 20 year anniversary of Chocolate Skateboards. The whole series features every pro skater of the team in a Los Angeles Landscape and each deck has a letter or number on the nose truck spot, to form Chocolate94. Chico Brenes is sitting in front of two of the most famous Los Angeles landmarks here, the Capitol Records Building and its distinctive architecture and half of the Hollywood sign. The other half appears on Justin Eldridge board. This series is one of the biggest made by Chocolate, with eleven decks. Evan Hecox did the graphics of it and it was obvious to mark the brand anniversary, because he does “probably a good 90% of the graphics of Chocolate”, said Andy Jenkins, former senior art director at Girl and Chocolate Skateboards, in an interview for Green Label.


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