Chris Roberts Chocolate Bar Scene

chris roberts

bar scene

Brand: Chocolate
Size: 7.625″ x 31.125″
Year: 2009
Artist: Evan Hecox

The deck is part of the seven piece Bar Scene series made by Chocolate and released in 2009. This series is a remake of the 2000 Bar Scene series and has minor tweaks from the original. The overall scene and color scheme stay the same but some changes have been made on characters faces and clothing. Changes with skaters names too, the 2000 series spelled their full name whereas the 2009 remake only shows the family name in a white box. Richard Mulder was the skater on the original version in place of Chris Roberts. On the 2000 graphic version, the character was younger, with black hair and no beard. Chocolate Skateboard started in 1994 because of Chico Brenes, the Girl founders decided to create a new brand to sponsor him as the Girl team was too big at that time.


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