David Gravette Creature Hippie Skull

david gravette

hippie skull

Brand: Creature
Size: 8″ x 31.7″
Year: 2008
Artist: Chris Adams

Here’s the first board model of David Gravette when he turned pro for Creature Skateboards in 2008. We can see a skulled version of him holding a bong, with some smoke coming out of it. He wears a bandana on his head and has the Chris Cole mid-2000s look. What appears to be flys can be seen flying above his head. The top side has psychedelic graphics and the whole deck is totally dipped, so we don’t see wood layers on the side. This board graphics is the first one of the Hippie Skull series. The other versions were released in 2011, 2014 and 2016, all done by the tattoo artist Chris Adams, who did a lot of graphics for Creature. David Gravette is also known as Baby Lamb, he explained where that nickname came from in an interview with Concrete Skateboarding Magazine in the issue 115: “The longest-running nickname I’ve had is Baby Lamb, which I got on my second Creature trip when I was 17. I had a pinched nerve in my back that hurt so bad, and I’d let off these weird noises. I guess it sounded like a lamb”.