Elijah Berle Chocolate Portrait

elijah berle


Brand: Chocolate
Size: 8.5″ x 32.25″
Year: 2013
Artist: Evan Hecox

Elijah Berle turned pro for Chocolate Skateboards in 2013 and this is his first pro model. Tradition at Chocolate is that every new pro skater has their portrait drawn by Evan Hecox for their first pro board. The artist is a huge influence for the brand, he does “probably a good 90% of the graphics of Chocolate”, said Andy Jenkins, former senior art director at Girl and Chocolate Skateboards, in an interview for Green Label. The skater, from Santa Monica, California, turned pro alongside Raven Tershy and Stevie Perez. They later form the Trunk Boyz crew with Cory Kennedy and Vincent Alavarez. Many Girl and Chocolate decks released in 2013 still had the “#prettysweet” top graphic, to promote the Pretty Sweet film that came out in 2012. Elijah Berle quit Chocolate in 2017 to join Jason Dill and Anthony Van Engelen’s Fucking Awesome Skateboards.