Elissa Steamer Bootleg Knox Drawing

elissa steamer

knox drawing

Brand: Bootleg
Size: 7.5″ x 31.63″
Year: 2001
Artist: Knox Godoy

Great stories behind this deck. It’s the first Bootleg model of Elissa Steamer, after leaving Toy Machine where she turned pro in 1998. Knox Godoy, who did this board graphic, was riding for Baker as an amateur and was actually only eleven at that time. He did the same graphics for a Baker series with a Baker Ams #1 board model, where he actually drew himself, with the mention “Me”. In an interview with Jenkem, Godoy said he was given “$7000 dollar downpayment” on this Baker series, and “was getting between $500-$1000 off of royalties a month”. Bootleg Skateboards was created in 2001 by Jay Strickland who also co-created Baker with Andrew Reynolds that same year. Bootleg was the sister company of Baker, but didn’t stay long after its creation. Elissa Steamer is probably one of the best female skater of all time and the most influential one, thanks for being part of the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater video game series. The board graphic here was featured in the fourth game of this series, but was named Steamer Drawing.