Eric Koston Girl Floating Head

eric koston

floating head

Brand: Girl
Size: 7.5″ x 30.9″
Year: 2004
Artist: Bob Kronbauer

The deck is part of the nine piece Floating Head series released in 2004 by Girl. Every skater of this series has his head over the Girl logo with various colors, Paul Rodriguez’s is purple or Mike Caroll’s is yellow. Each deck is totally dipped in a white color. The Crailtap logo is at the top of the board. is the company umbrella website for Girl, Chocolate and others brands. At the bottom, we can see three signs. We have one with “Eric Koston” on it, another with “I’m with Crailtap” and the last one showing a wig and its note “The Wig”. This last sign could be a reference for either the long hair Koston had at that time, or the actual wig he was wearing in the Yeah Right film. He was Owen Wilson’s body double when doing both backside bluntside and frontside nosebluntslide on a rail. A sticker sheet was given with the deck, there was the head of the nine skaters and the Crailtap logo with the line: “Put your fist in the beehive”.
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