Eric Koston Girl Flow II

eric koston

flow II

Brand: Girl
Size: 7.7″ x 31.3″
Year: 2002
Artist: Michael Leon

This deck was designed by Michael Leon, who was the former art director at Girl Skateboards. This job was his “first job out of college”, like he said in an Invision podcast. Every board graphic of the Flow II series mimicks a bunch of stickers put on the deck. Multiple things can be seen on Koston’s deck, with some great references. His name is written five times, Girl is written eight times when its logo is visible fifteen times on the deck (sixteen if we count the top graphic logo). The dark blue silhouette in the middle is Koston’s special trick, the Fandangle, which is a switch one foot nosegrind, done on a handrail. The original photo was used for a Girl ad in the late 1990s. Another cool reference is the red on yellow Super Cock logo, seen six times on the deck. This character was originally part of Eric Koston board graphic released in 1994.

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