Eric Koston Girl Lyons' Monsters

eric koston

lyons' monsters

Brand: Girl
Size: 8″ x 31.5″
Year: 2014
Artist: Kevin Lyons

This deck is part of the six piece Lyons’ Monsters series released in 2014 by Girl. We can see the signature art from Kevin Lyons on it with little monsters. Yellow monsters form the Girl doll over violet monsters. Some of them are talking and have speech bubbles, all of them ending with an exclamation point. We can read: “Low lands!”, “West side!” and “Eric Koston!” both seen twice, “Show time!”, “405 Fridays!”, “Rollin’ down the diamond lane!”, “F***ed around!”, “And scored!”, “A triple double!”, “Wild Wild West” and “Go hard in the paint!”. The colors used in this deck are a reference to the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team. Eric Koston is known for being a fan of the team. We can see him riding with the jersey and the entire uniform in his 2002 Chomp On This video part. He also rode with the outfit for an Oakley print ad. Monsters saying “A triple double” and “Hard in the paint” are a reference to basketball. Also, the “405 Fridays!” quote is a reference to the song from Defari, featured on his 1998 Focused Daily album, you’ll see another reference to the Lakers with the cover… 72 monsters are seen on this board if we count the one on the top graphic. The shape of the deck is a GO18.