Nash Fifteen Toes

fifteen toes

bk schralper

Brand: Nash
Size: 5.1″ x 22.25″
Year: 1960s

This model is one of the very first skateboard released by Nash in 1960s. Though it already had the three footprints board graphic, it wasn’t named Fifteen Toes but simply Sidewalk Surfboard. The actual name was only introduced later with a new board shape and a more squared tail. The Fifteen Toes has been produced with about ten graphic colors over the years. It was sold $2.44 at that time, which is worth $21-22 in 2020. Three different Nash logos can be seen with this model, the motel sign form, the pyramid shape and the circular saw blade alike. Under the skateboard here, there is a caution sticker with safety recommendations. One of these says: “Never use skateboard in streets or on public sidewalks”, quite funny for a sidewalk surfboard… As funny as the ad the brand did for this skateboard. We could see a hippopotamus riding the board and doing a one arm handstand on it, with a cigarette in the mouth. And the tagline was: “It’s easy to do tricks on a Sidewalk Nash Surfboards”.
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