Rick Howard Girl Modern Chairs

rick howard

modern chairs

Brand: Girl
Size: 8.375″ x 31.75″
Year: 2017
Artist: Tony Larson

The deck is a reissue from the Modern Chairs series released in 2001. Like the original one, the 2017 series consists of six decks. Rick Howard and Jeron Wilson are the only skaters to remain on both the original and reissue series. Tony Larson said in a Crailtap video that the original model released in 2001 was “up to that point the most expensive board ever made”. Rick Howard is a Canadian skateboarder who turned pro for Blockhead Skateboards in 1991. He co-founded the Girl Skateboards company in 1993 with Mike Caroll, Megan Baltimore and Spike Jonze. The brand is highly respected in the skateboard industry because of producing great films like Goldfish (1994), Yeah Right (2003) or Pretty Sweet (2012).