Roller Derby #10 Skate Board

#10 skate board

bk schralper

Brand: Roller Derby
Size: 4.4″ x 18.9″
Year: 1960s

“Built for balance and speed” said Roller Derby when advertising its skateboards in 1964, as seen in the Quaterly Skaterboarder Vol.1 No.1. The company was among the first ones to mass-produce skateboards in the early 1960s. They started with the Skate Board model which was similar to the one shown here. Only the wheels were different, it had split style steel wheels instead of single mold steel wheels. Some #10 Skate Board models can be seen with split style wheels though. Rolley Derby released new skateboards a few years later and added the #10 on this red board, to go with the Deluxe #20 and the Surf-Ari #30 models, which were longer and had clay wheels. The #10 Skate Board was sold $1.99 at that time, which is worth $17-18 in 2020. We can see the Steve signature written under the board here. It was common for kids to write their name, or even their adress, on the board, in case it was stolen or lost. A lot of skateboards produced in the 1960s were painted in red and were qualified as kids toys.