1960s Hedlund Roller Surfer #100

roller Surfer #100

bk schralper

Brand: Hedlund
Size: 4.4″ x 18.9″
Year: 1960s

Swan Hedlund created the Hedlund Manufacturing Company in 1949, based in Nokomis, Illinois, USA. The company was specialized in snow skis and was selling over 40 000 pairs in the mid 50s. Not much information is available about Hedlund skateboards though. We know that at least three other models were manufactured alongside this Roller Surfer #100: one Roller Surfer #200 model and two Roller Surfer #500 models, one with a three bolt truck and a squared tail, and one with a one bolt truck and rounded tail. These #500 models, as seen in The Disposable Skateboard Bible by Sean Cliver, have the silhouette of someone skiing printed under the brand logo on the top of the board.