Steve Caballero Powell Ban This

steve caballero

ban this

Brand: Powell
Size: 7.75″ x 31.2″
Year: 2002
Artist: Sean Cliver

This board graphic originally came out in 1989 under the Powell Peralta brand. It was the third board graphic that Sean Cliver did in his professional career, the previous ones were for Ray Barbee and Steve Saiz. The career of the artist all started after participating and winning an “Artist Wanted” contest created by Powell Peralta, where the winner would get a job in the brand art department in Santa Barbara, California. Like other Steve Caballero board graphics, the Ban This model has been released and reissued a lot of times over the years, using different color palettes and deck shapes. The only difference between this 2002 Powell model and the ones released with Powell Peralta, without mentionning the obviously non-presence of the Peralta part, is the missing Cliver word written horizontally under the brand. Sean Cliver’s last name isn’t there and we can easily spot the difference as we will see a bigger mark on the dragon’s body near the back truck holes.
Feel free to try the random page generator by clicking on the Lucky Icon at the top of the website. You could get a chance to come across the Powell Warranty postal card that came with this deck and some other hidden content.