1965 Hobie Skateboards Super Surfer 19 Inches Beginners

Super Surfer 19" Begginers

bk schralper

Brand: Hobie Skateboards
Size: 4.4″ x 18.9″
Year: 1965

Released in 1965, this skateboard was made by a juice company, Vita-Pakt, based in Covina, California. That’s right, a juice company! Skateboarding was booming in the mid 60s so big corporate companies wanted to take advantage of it. Vita-Pakt partnered with Hobie Alter, a surf pioneer, one year before to create the Hobie Skateboards brand and the Hobie Super Surfer skateboard team. The same team which had the first female professional skater, Patty McGee. The Super Surfer 19” Beginners was part of a lineup of nine Super Surfer skateboard models available in 1965, and it was the entry level of the lineup. Other models were longer, up to 30”, and mounted with clay wheels and better trucks. “There are twenty great reasons why you should be on Super Surfer” said a Super Surfer ad at that time.