Tom Penny Flip Odyssey

tom penny

Odyssey - Peace

Brand: Flip
Size: 7.75″ x 31.63″
Year: 2013
Artist: Ivan Minsloff

This deck is part of the six piece Odyssey series released by Flip in 2013 and made by the artist Ivan Minsloff. Every board of this series has a name, Baphomet for David Gonzalez, Dawg for Luan Oliveira, Raoul for Geoff Rowley, Norse for Arto Saari, Bandy for Ali Boulala, and Peace for Tom Penny. In the grahics here, we can see a man holding a pipe in the mouth with Native American weaving clothing. He’s doing the peace hand sign which is a recurrent sign seen on Tom Penny board graphics. The peace symbol is also on the graphics as a pendant. On the top side, we have the Flip logo printed, it used to be an iron mark during the late 2000s.

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