Torey Pudwill Plan B Cali

torey pudwill


Brand: Plan B
Size: 8″ x 31.25″
Year: 2015
Artist: Unknown

This deck, released by Plan B in 2015, is inspired from the flag of California, also known as the Bear flag. Torey Pudwill, nickamed T-Puds, is born in California and has started working on Grizzly gripate in the early 2000s, when he was twelve, the brand was officialy created in 2010. A lot of bears appear in his Plan B and Thank You board graphics. This latter brand is another company he has founded in 2018, with Daewon Song. Here, we have the bear in the center of the graphic, with the skater’s name above. At the top, we see the red star from the state flag, and at the bottom we have the Plan B logo over a green background. The five colors used in the flag of California are the white, old glory red, maple sugar, seal and irish green. Only the maple sugar is missing on this Cali board graphic made by Plan B.