Vincent Milou Pizza Pro Debut

Vincent Milou

Pro Debut

Brand: Pizza
Size: 8,25″ x 32,25″
Year: 2021
Artist: Petty Crimes

Here is the first pro deck of French rider Vincent Milou, that turned pro for Pizza Skateboards in 2021. The graphics shows Snowy having a pizza slice in the mouth. It’s a character from the comic book the Adventures of Tintin, created in 1929 by Belgian cartoonist HergĂ©. We can read in French “Les aventures de Pizza” in reference of the comic book name. Below, “Vincent Milou” shares the same font used for most of Tintin comic book covers. But this graphics makes more sense for French spoken people as Snowy is named Milou in French. You can read more about the story of this graphics in the interview we did with Petty Crimes, artist and illustrator at Pizza Skateboards. You’ll see that this graphics is actually “a happy accident”.