Yonnie Cruz Chocolate Plantasia

Yonnie Cruz


Brand: Chocolate
Size: 8.1875″ x 31.5″
Year: 2020
Artist: Ben Petersen

The deck is part of the four piece Plantasia series released in late 2020 by Chocolate. Every deck features a unique top side color with plants graphics. Here we have a white mat color for Yonnie Cruz. Usually, the top color stain can be different from a board to another depending of the batch during production. On the bottom side, the petals, the flowerpot and the skater’s name are printed in relief. The petals and the skater’s name color match for every board of the series. The Yonnie board is the only one to have stripes between the skater’s name on the flowerpot, the other boards don’t. Different sets of wheels using the same graphics were released alongside the decks. We did an interview with the artist of the series, Ben Petersen, designer at Girl and Chocolate Skateboards, and he explained the process of creating this graphics: “So I’ve been working with these markers that are wide and I was into calligraphy. I was playing with these and I heard this one album by Mort Garson from the 1970s, it was called Plantasia. It was music for your plants. It’s like music for happy plants to grow or something. I was just playing with these and I started making those kinds of flowers. It was just something that happened. You know, working at Girl and Chocolate, you gotta figure out all these different art concepts and this is something I do all the time, I enjoy doing, and it feels pretty Chocolate”.