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Interview with Paul Rodriguez, Legendary Pro Skater

June 4, 2022

To celebrate the launch of their new full-length video Define, Primitive Skateboarding decided to do it big and organized premieres all around the world, in Los Angeles, London, Tokyo and Paris. Paul Rodriguez, Miles Silvas and JB Gillet were at the French stop, and we were lucky enough to meet the legend, and Primitive Skateboarding founder, Paul Rodriguez, and talk about the video and board graphics.

How did you come up with the name Define?
It’s actually our director Alan [Hannon] that came up with that name. He felt like the video’s gonna be our defining moment for the brand and for the team. So, he wanted to express it all in just one word.
Did you help a little bit?
No, not for the name, that was all him.
Are you relieved the video is out now?
Relieved, maybe, but more excited. Excited for people to see the work that all the team has been doing.
Interview Paul Rodriguez Primitive Skateboarding Define
Let’s talk about Primitive board graphics, are you involved in the creating process?
No, not me, my partner Jubal [Jones], he’s the head of design for Primitive. Him and his design team really come up with the art.
What about you own boards? Do you bring some ideas?
Sometimes I do, sometimes I give an idea and they bring it to life. But I’m not a very artistic type of person. Of course, I love to have good graphics and I believe that our team makes good graphics, it’s just not my area where I’m an expert.
Would you say the gold boards, the first boards you put out when creating Primitive Skateboarding were defining for the brand?
Yeah, that was me this time, I did that. But that was an accident. When I was leaving Plan B and I was just skating blank boards, I wanted to give them some colors, so I went to the store, and I bought spray paint. I bought gold spray paint and I thought it looked cool and I just kept using it. So, when we decided to launch Primitive, we found the really cool technique of the gold foil and we said: “Why not launching the gold colors”. I posted pictures on my Instagram and people would be like: “You should make those boards”, and I was like: “The people seem to like it, let’s try it”.
Interview Paul Rodriguez Board Graphics
Do you keep all your pro boards? Even when riding for Girl and Plan B?
Most of them. I’m sure there’s some that I miss but mostly I keep at least one of them.
Do you have a favorite board graphic?
It’s hard to say, the gold one I love. But I love my very first board from Girl. That was a really special one to me. We did a Cleopatra graphic for Primitive that I really loved. I don’t know, I’ve had a lot of boards that I’ve been really excited by, but it’s really actually hard to pick out my favorite.
So, what’s next for Primitive Skateboarding?
Just keep going upwards, keep defining ourselves. You know, our skate team is very hungry, they never stop skating, always out skating and working. We’re just gonna keep putting out great videos and keep trying to put out product that we love and that we are into. That’s really it, just keep the momentum going.
Check out more of Paul Rodriguez’s skating on Instagram.