1962 Official Skee-Skate


bk schralper

Brand: Skee-Skate
Size: 4.4″ x 18.9″
Year: 1962

The Official Skee-Skate is believed to be the first mass produced skateboards in the world. “The skate board that started it all”, as it says in a Skee-Skate ad in the Quaterly Skaterboarder Vol.1 No.1. Released in 1962 and made in Culver City, California, over half a million of this model were sold by late 1964. The suggested retail price was $3.00, which is worth about $29 today. With the name of the model in the middle, the graphics show slalom cones and trucks and wheels on each side of the board. There’s also a blank box by the tail so the “owner” can write his/her name. A lot of kids actually wrote their name on the skateboard, usually on the bottom side of the board, as you can see on the Roller Derby #10 Skate Board from our collection. This is because only a few skateboard models were available at that time, so kids all had the same ones.